I make things… digital things like photos, videos and animations.

I work as the Multimedia Coordinator / Videographer for the Penn State Eberly College of Science. I am also available for freelance photography and videography in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states and animation, video editing and web development remotely. Contact me to get started.

Languages I speak:

English, C++, C#, PHP, JavaScript and the usual web languages.

Tools I use:

Drupal, WordPress, Final Cut Pro X, Motion, After Effects, Premiere, Blender, ZBrush

Other things I like:

Hockey, Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, Hiking, Kayaking, Gaming, Music/Guitar, Astronomy

Some things I’ve made (that aren’t photos or videos):

Valhalla Entertainment – A website built for Gale Anne Hurd’s production company. Valhalla has produced such greats as The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Aliens, the Terminator movies and more.

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Hartley’s Potato Chips – A website built for a local iconic potato chip brand. I also took the product photos for this website.

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